About Me

New York. DC. Chicago. Lifelong traveler & learner. Live to write. 

I am a journalist because I want to see the world, be inspired, and live with open eyes. I am a journalist because I want to report all that is true and beautiful in the world… & hopefully, you’ll enjoy my journey.

My work has been featured with MarketWatch, Techonomy, United Press International, McClatchy, Techli.com, Tech Cocktail, Built in Chicago, Technori, Kellogg School of Management and Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Initiative.

Interests: economics, small businesses, start-ups, health, fitness, science, education, arts and politics.

Personal Interests: running, writing (journalistic pieces and creative writing), reading, spending time with friends watching football, baseball, basketball, and above all, Spanish soccer.

Things I like to read & recommended books: the New Yorker, the Economist, Foreign Policy Magazine, Monocle, anything E.B. White, anything Kurt Vonnegut, The Imperfectionists, Like Water for Chocolate

I went to college in central PA at Bucknell University, where I started pre-med but ended up receiving a BA in English and economics (which explains my interests!) I finishing up my master’s  at Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, for an MSJ in broadcast and business and economics reporting.


Some additional places to find me, & ways to contact me:

E-mail: basakreports@gmail.com

Portfolio: sonalibasak.com

About Me: about.me/sbasak

Facebook: Facebook.com/basakreports

Twitter: Twitter.com/sonalibasak


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