Inspiration behind Chicago start-up growth

Posted on March 14, 2013


A little inspiration goes a long way. Chicago entrepreneurs show that people, above all, are the driving force to start-up growth and productivity.

“We’ve got the same passions and motivations, without the community we would be spread out – we wouldn’t be so inspired. We are all a part of this vibrant heart that’s pumping this new Chicago,” said Jimmy Odom, founder of WeDeliver.

WeDeliver, winner of the 2012 Chicago start-up weekend, shows how inspiration, and inspirational people, are key ingredients to success. Learn from their experience.

Also, Maria Katris, CEO of Built in Chicago, speaks on how  Chicago entrepreneurs benefit not only from inspiration, but also from a sense of community. Mentorship is what set’s Chicago’s start-up community apart from that of other cities.

Footage from Built in Chicago launch event, February 2013.

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